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Designer, drummer, & home cook based in Miami, FL.

From Law to Design: My Journey to UX​

I've always had a passion for communication, and I love the challenge of solving real-world problems. This passion led me to pursue a career in law: I believed that by taking this route, especially with my particular  interest in Immigration Law, that I'd be able to make a tangible difference in real people's lives.

As I got further and further down this path, I realized that while I deeply cared about the work I was doing and the people I was doing it for, this wasn't the field for me. This realization just so happened in early 2020, and after making the decision to pivot from law, I began to explore what else out there might be a better fit for me.

With more free time on my hands during the pandemic, I created a cooking blog called Sear & Simmer as a passion project where I shared my recipes, photos, and general love for cooking. I started out by just sharing photos on Instagram of foods I've enjoyed, and soon after that, I launched my own website. This way, I could also help people discover new foods, show them how to prepare their own meals, and truly enjoy every part of the cooking journey from finding a recipe to searing on the stove. 


It was while I was designing this site and really starting to dedicate myself to making it the best it could be, that I had that "aha!" moment: I realized that what I was doing - researching, solutioning, designing, and developing content - was UX design, and this could be so much more than just a hobby.

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Beyond my work in UX 


Creativity and communication are two of my favorite things in the world, and I'm thrilled to be able to utilize these skills every day both in my work and in my free time.

At any given time, you could find me learning a new groove on the drums, toying with some new flavor combinations in the kitchen, having a riveting conversation in ASL (American Sign Language) with my deaf grandparents over Skype, or snuggling up with my cats while we're watching King of the Hill.

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